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Independent Insurance Adjuster CatManDo Announces New Website
By Chuck Ross

Tampa, FL 10-07-2013 – CatManDo, Inc. a full service independent property insurance claims adjusting and TPA firm, announced the redesign of its website, The site utilizes a responsive web design which means it will render properly on all types of devices including mobile, tablet and laptop. “In our industry where most of our personnel and partners are in the field, having a site that is easy to read and utilize is of the utmost importance, stated Chuck Ross, President of CatManDo. “We continue to keep our eye on speeding the time to completion of our claims and implementing technology that helps us accomplish that.” The platform will allow CatManDo to easily implement additional interactive and mobile features as they become available.

The website is packed with new service information for insurance carriers, and offers features for independent claim adjusters, contractors and client policyholders.
It features links to the latest industry news of interest for insurance adjusters as well as an online application for contractors who want to service CatManDo clients. Adjusters will also be able to sign-up for continuing education offered through CatManDo and join the CAT roster. There are even tips for policyholders preparing to file a claim.

“The content of the new site is very robust; we spent a lot of time making sure we covered our entire offering, from daily claims handling to full TPA services. Even our specialties are highlighted, including information on our complete suite of dispute resolution services and our unique Causation unit,” commented Mr. Ross. “Our new website replaces the need for brochures and is easily updated by our staff. So as we continue the development of our Predictive Claims Model and CMAP™ (CatManDo Mobil Adjusting Platform) we will continue to follow of our philosophy of true transparency into our claims adjusting process.”

CatManDo Inc. is a full service independent insurance adjusting company, providing accurate, cost-effective and reliable claims adjusting services to insurance carriers on a SE regional level. The firm was founded in 2000 with the express purpose of providing a higher quality of claims service than is currently available. We do this by utilizing years of inside insurance carrier experience and maintaining a broad network of highly trained and qualified adjusters.

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