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ModSpace Assists Businesses to Get Back on Their Feet after Natural Disasters
Offers tips to help Vermont businesses respond to disasters and continue operations

BERWYN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--According to a Small Business Administration report, 90 percent of businesses that don’t open their doors within five days of a natural disaster will fail or never reopen.

“As a native New Englander, I’m deeply saddened by the widespread devastation in this beautiful state”

With Vermont reeling in the wake of severe storms and the devastation left behind, ModSpace, the nation’s leading provider of temporary and permanent modular buildings, is committed to assisting community businesses recover quickly.

“As a native New Englander, I’m deeply saddened by the widespread devastation in this beautiful state,” said Brian Shakun, ModSpace’s District General Manager for New England. “Getting businesses, schools and government facilities up and running days, not weeks or months, is critical as we approach the busy tourist season. Vermont relies on autumn visitors for its year-round livelihood and ModSpace can help accelerate its recovery with a vast fleet of temporary modular buildings that are in the area now and ready for immediate delivery.”

Some tips ModSpace offers to help businesses get back on their feet after a hurricane:
• Identify necessary repairs and/or rebuilding plans
• Determine what adjustments, if any, need to occur with your business operations
• Develop a timeline for re-establishing business operations and communicate the timeline to all involved (employees, suppliers, customers)
• Document lessons learned and best practices and reassess your current disaster plan

ModSpace has a long history of stepping up to provide emergency living, working, and medical quarters to communities affected by disaster. The company regularly partners with such organizations as FEMA, American Red Cross, public utilities, and local, state, and federal agencies and municipalities to help protect the public.

Download the ModSpace Disaster Contingency and Rebuilding Guide for more valuable tips like these.


Modular Space Corporation (ModSpace), based in Berwyn, Pa., is a leading provider of modular buildings, portable storage containers and services for temporary or permanent space needs. Building on more than 40 years of experience, ModSpace serves a diverse set of customers and markets—including commercial, construction, education, government, healthcare, industrial/energy and special events—through an extensive nationwide branch network throughout the United States and Canada.

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