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Sep 25, 2020    
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By by Richard Kuzmanoff, Asst Secty

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LEA Reporter – Fall 2007

Well, “so far, so good”! It is now the peak of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane season and the mainland US has escaped significant damage from Hurricanes. We all continue to track the events with great interest (and a lot of Tylenol).

The LEA continues to provide the educational forum to discuss and learn from such catastrophic events (or the absence of same) and the impact on our industry.

Summer Meeting 2007, Lincolnshire IL

The Summer Meeting was quite successful as those who were present will attest. The programs were outstanding, as usual, and the bucolic location provided a relaxed setting for our meeting. Several commented that the smaller group provided an excellent opportunity for casual personal, one on one interaction.

President Dean Ramsay opened the general session, with brief opening remarks focused on the LEA challenges of 2007 and beyond.

The priorities and objectives continue to be focused on furthering the advancement and education of the property loss professional and providing a means and forum in which current property claims issues can be openly discussed and examined.

The President’s speech was followed by our general session programs.

The First session - "Schemes of Arrangement & Part VII Transfers - How Safe is Your English Reinsurance Protection?" was given by David Waldon, Solicitor, England & Wales, and a partner in the London office of LeBoeuf Lamb.

That was followed by the second session - "Electronic Discovery and the New Federal Rules: You've Got Mail". This information packed program was artfully presented by Bill Erickson, Esq. and Jim Harrington, Esq., both of the Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi firm in Boston.

We ended the morning with our keynote speech - "Life -- The Great Balancing Act", given by Jack McCall, speaker, author and renowned storyteller.

In attendance at this meeting were 98 members, 52 guests, 17 speakers, and 19 spouses, for a total of 186 participants.

Feedback provided by the evaluation forms reflected very positive ratings, again with ‘excellent/satisfactory’ the overall winner.

General Session 1 - Reinsurance –
Excellent/Satisfactory – 87%

General Session 2 – Electronic Discovery–
Excellent/Satisfactory – 100%.

Workshop 1 – Managing Expectations –
Excellent/Satisfactory - 100%.

Workshop 2 – Avoiding Bad Faith –
Excellent - 100%.

Workshop 3 – Managing the Large Loss –
Excellent/Satisfactory - 100%.

Workshop 4 – Energy Losses –Myths and Mysteries-
Excellent/Satisfactory – 100%

Overall Program –
Excellent/Satisfactory 100%.

Bob Barber, Program Chairperson, is always interested in hearing about any potential topics, or presenters that a member feels may add value to our programs. Please feel free to contact him at: rletbarb@worldpath.net

The LEA would like to thank each of the speakers and panel members from these sessions for sharing their incredible wealth of knowledge, and providing the structure for another excellent educational forum.

Executive Forum:

This reporter personally attended this session (Wed afternoon before the reception) for the first time and I must say that the conversation was candid and insightful. Joe Gerber, whom we all know as an esteemed litigator from Cozen & O’Connor Philadelphia PA; D. Kelly Lewis, Vice President and Western Zone Property Claims Manager,, Chubb Group; and Ron Paice, VP, The Hartford, were well prepared and led a discussion on the topic of Insurance Industry “Bad Press” and the General Public’s Perception of Insurance Companies. This is certainly something to take back to “home office” for discussion in the board room, or at least in the elevator when you are with a colleague, and find yourself standing next to the CEO.

Topics for each session are decided by the attendees of the previous session and there are “no holds barred” except of course we are ever alert not to stray into the anti-trust minefield.

Continuing Education Credits:

The LEA Board is pleased to report that we will continue to offer CE credits for the following states. The number of credits may vary depending upon the program and are evaluated each meeting.

TX & OK- 5 credits; NC, NH- 6 credits; WY-7 credits; and DE between 5 and 8 credits.

Precise instruction on seeking these credits will be available at the meetings.


The new member statistics presented to the membership at the Winter Meeting were as follows:

Regular Members - 278
Associate Members - 339
Retired - 63
Emeritus - 2
Total - 682

In addition, there are 98 Pending Associates on the waiting list.


Yours Truly (Rick Kuzmanoff) has agreed to serve as the new publicity chairperson. Any ideas, feedback or commentary are always welcome. The board recognizes the need to keep the accomplishments and value of the LEA visible to our membership so that we can continue our goal of serving the Property Insurance Claims Industry.

LEA Website:

We are pleased to report that the LEA board members have been working like little beavers and the results are about to be released. You will soon be receiving an invitation to explore our new website. Besides the “Flash and Pizzazz” of the new look, it will be easy to navigate and provide access to the features of the association that you deserve as members. A brand new feature of the site will be the ability to “pay on line” with a credit card for meeting costs and dues. “Sweet”!

Feel free to check in during construction at www.lossexecutives.com so that you can be one of the first to experience the benefits of our “beavering.” If you have any suggestions or comments please email preilly@reillyandco.com.

Steve Cronin Award:

In memory of a true friend of the LEA, the annual Steve Cronin Award was established in 2003. Below is the explanation of this award which you will find on the new www.lossexecutives.com site.

If there is someone that you feel meets the criteria for receipt of this award, please follow the nomination procedures as noted below.

The Stephen P. Cronin, Jr. Memorial Award is presented each year at the Loss Executives Association Annual Meeting to an individual who donates their time, skill and exceptional service to the property claim profession, promotes the educational and ethical development of the profession and does so out of dedication to the principles, professionalism, and fraternity of the LEA.

The award inscription reads:

“This is presented in deepest appreciation in recognition of your dedicated service in contributing to and promoting the professional, educational, and ethical development of members of the property claims profession.”

The Board of Directors of the LEA is asking the membership to submit the names of any individual they feel fits the above profile as a nominee to receive this prestigious award. Please email your nomination to info@lossexecutives.com and they will be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration.

The ultimate choice of the annual recipient is at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee who would like to recognize past recipients of the award, Ed Reilly, Bob Barber, Joe Gerber, and Jack Damico.

Scholarship and Educational Update:

The National Forum has planned to present a Business Interruption seminar in the Chicago Area in October or November of this year. Information on the details of location and cost will be available shortly.

For additional information about the National Forum, please contact Joe Gerber at 215-665-2026.


Winter Meeting: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, Fl
Wednesday, Jan 23 – 25, 2008

You will note that this is a new venue to the LEA due to booking issues at the Marriott Waterside. Our committee reports that this facility is great and the program will be outstanding.

Spring Meeting: Marriott Portland Mane
Wednesday, June 11-13, 2008
(Yes, Friday the 13th!)

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