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LEA Reporter - Spring 2006
By Ronald E. Wolfe, Ass't Secretary

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LEA Reporter – Spring 2006

The snow is gone. The days are getting longer. The flowers are blooming and the grass once again needs to be cut. It’s SPRING !!!!! Get ready for the Loss Executives Association 75TH Spring Meeting and Educational Program where the LEA continues to bring seminars to property insurance industry professionals, in order to share, analyze, discuss, and question those events that shape our world and our role in addressing them.

Winter Meeting 2006, Tampa Florida:

The 75TH Anniversary of the Loss Executives Association

The results are in, and it was a great success. In attendance at this meeting were 374 members and guests and 56 spouses, for a total of 430 participants. The program evaluation forms that we received reflected very positive ratings, excellent/satisfactory’ the hands down winner.

A “big thank you” goes to Bob Barber, John Paulson and Rick Kuzmanoff once again for the coordination and planning of this very special and successful 75TH Anniversary meeting in Tampa. If not the best, one of the best ever according to those who attended.

Last year there was a memorial given to Fidelco in honor of Rod Birmingham. The LEA Executive Committee hopes that the members and friends of Rod will keep this memorial fund growing by personal contributions, as the LEA continues its support.

Another personal focus of the meeting was the third annual Stephen Cronin Award. This award was presented to Joe Gerber for the enormous contributions he has made, and continues to make, to the LEA. Congratulations to Joe for this well-deserved acknowledgement!


As always, the LEA searches for ways to grow and still maintain the high caliber of membership in the organization that it presently enjoys. Recent years have brought the addition of colleagues from other countries, expanding the LEA into an International association. Through the years, the largest growth opportunities have been realized when the present members introduce industry colleagues to the association.

At the April 2006 Board meeting, Peg Reilly shared the new membership statistics, and pending acceptance at the summer meeting, they will be as follows:

Regular Members - 261
Associate Members - 318
Retired - 62
Emeritus - 2

Total - 643

In addition, there are 96 Pending Associates on the waiting list.

LEA Website:

When you’ve got that free moment, please visit the LEA website at www.lossexecutives.com. and take a look around. We are always striving to improve this site, and appreciate your comments and input.

Scholarship and Educational Update:

The National Forums continues to be the main focus of the LEA’s ongoing support of insurance industry education. Announcing the 2006 National Forum for Property Loss Professionals for 2006-7, the National Forum for Property Loss Professionals will utilize a new and exciting one day format. The outstanding faculty and academic rigors that have been brought to Princeton each year will soon be coming to a location near you. Plans call for the program to be presented in three separate cities --- New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The New York program is set for Wednesday, November 8 at the Marriott Financial Center Hotel, 85 West Street, in Lower Manhattan.

The single topic will be:
Fundamentals of Business Interruption: Claims and
Coverage Issues

This one day session will focus upon B.I. in both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing contexts. The course is recommended for claims and underwriting personnel who want to hone their skills in evaluating business interruption claims and test their knowledge of current coverage issues. Learning will be accomplished through a combination of lecture and breakout sessions.

The program will be approved for six insurance Continuing Education credits in a number of states including: New York, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas and will also be approved for six RPA and CPD credits.

Be on the look out for further details within the next several weeks.

For additional information about the National Forum, please
contact Joe Gerber at 215-665-2026.

SPRING MEETING: June 7-9, 2006 – Baltimore, MD

This summer finds us returning to Baltimore, Maryland for the 75TH Spring Meeting and Educational Program. The hotel is great, the city and waterfront is exciting and of course the traditional golf outing will take place on Wednesday afternoon at the Waverly Woods Country Club, in Woodstock, MD. The net proceeds of this event will be donated to Fidelco as part of the Rod Birmingham Memorial.

After our business meeting on Thursday, The Honorable R. Steven Orr, Insurance Commissioner, State of Maryland will welcome the group to Baltimore.

The complete package of meeting/registration materials were mailed to the membership May 1st, but we are including a copy for your review.



JUNE 7 - 9, 2006


Wednesday, June 7

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Registration - Grand Registration desk 3rd floor.

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Speaker preparation room - (will be posted).

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Executive Forum - Attendance is restricted to insurance company executives. Topics for discussion will include the review of a proposed draft communication re: catastrophe preparedness; an inquiry of participants on what steps they may have taken since the January LEA Executive Forum
session; and a new discussion topic: staffing levels/workloads,
staff development, training, recruiting and retention.

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Welcoming reception (provided by LEA).

Thursday, June 8

7:30 AM - 8:15 AM - Coffee, tea & water available in foyer - (provided by LEA).

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM - Business Meeting (all registrants).

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM - Welcome and comments by The Honorable R. Steven Orr, Insurance Commissioner, State of Maryland.

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM - General Session - Keynote Address - “Integrity in Life and Business”.

Today it is popular to speak in the university, in the marketplace and in the public square about ethics and integrity. But too often the speeches and the behavior are not the same.

What do these companies have in common: Arthur Anderson, Adelphia WorldCom, Putnam, Janus Capital Group, Tyco, Health South, Bear Stearns, Boeing, Merrill Lynch and AIG? They have all, at some point in the recent past, lost their way. They lost their way financially and legally because they lost their compass of integrity. Integrity is crucial for business and personal success. But where do you get it? And how do you keep it?

Several years ago, Warren Buffet, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway,
spoke at Harvard Business School. During a question and answer
session, an MBA student asked: “Mr. Buffet, how do you make hiring decisions?” He replied: “I look for three things, first, personal integrity...second, intelligence... and third, high energy”. Then he paused and said: “but if you don’t have the first, the second and third don’t matter”.

Rick Marshall, throughout a unique career, has worked to bring
integrity into the workplace. He has demonstrated personal
leadership managing multi-million dollar non-profit organizations. He has worked with countless leaders in business, government and entertainment, presidents, ambassadors, philanthropists, musical legends such as Bono of U2, and sports personalities including David Templeton and Jeff Gordon. He has spoken widely on integrity in life and business and has conducted training for companies such as CNL Securities Corp, American Express Financial Advisors, Lincoln Financial, AG Edwards, and the GM Advisory Group of New York City.

For over 23 years he worked alongside Billy Graham as Director of
Missions and Director of Counseling and Follow-Up of the Billy
Graham Evangelistic Association, working in 56 cities across North America and more than 20 countries around the world.

Rick will bring a timely and thought-provoking message to the LEA

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM - Break - (Coffee, tea and water will be provided by LEA)- Foyer.

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM - General Session - “What is Iraq Really

In a departure from our usual educational session on property loss and related matters, we will experience the war in Iraq from a Blackhawk helicopter crewchief’s perspective as you fly across the unique topography of this Middle Eastern country, and over the roof tops of palaces and mud huts. After 20 years as a member of the Connecticut National Guard, Will Cassidy, P.E., a project manager for Douglas G. Peterson and Associates, Inc, and a frequent LEA workshop panelist, was deployed and spent nearly a year in Iraq. Cassidy will share his experiences with the searing heat, blinding dust and living conditions in a third world country at war. Listen to the tales of missions that include everything from the transportation of top Iraqi officials, to the nighttime movement of millions of dollars worth of Iraqi currency and election ballots and other experiences he is not likely to soon forget.

11:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. - General Session - “Computer Forensic Technology: What you know about it today may already be outdated!”

Computer Forensics is an unusual science that bridges the gap between two very different worlds; the rapidly evolving world of technology and the more methodical (and sometimes lumbering) legal system. This presentation reviews the basic principles of computer forensic technology, demonstrates the application of these principals to real-world claims investigations, and explores the latest developments in the field that are likely to affect us all.

This informative session will be presented by Mark Burge, Manager - Data Analysis & Recovery, LWG Consulting, St. Louis Park, MN and by Bob Wedoff, President, LWG Consulting, Northbrook, IL.

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM - Lunch (provided by LEA).

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Four concurrent workshops (Select one). (Refreshments provided in Foyer area approximately 3 PM by LEA). Room assignments will be provided in the hand-out program in June and posted in the hotel.

Workshop # 1 - “Current Issues and Strategies in Dealing with Public Adjusters”.

We all know that public adjusters can be significant players in the handling and resolution of claims. Knowing and understanding their role, its scope as well as its limitations, is a key to dealing with them. Some of the issues to be explored
will include how to most effectively work with a cooperative public adjuster and strategies for dealing with an uncooperative public adjuster and questions such as what is a public adjuster? When does a public adjuster improperly engage in the
practice of law? Must an insurer pay the fees of “claims consultants”, contractors and accountants who are, in effect, performing public adjusting services? What happens when the public adjuster is dismissed by the insured before all claims
payments have been made? What laws and regulations apply to public adjusters?

This workshop will be chaired by Ed Rudloff, Esq., of Rudloff Wood & Barrows LLP, Emeryville, CA. Ed will be joined by his partner, Marjie D. Barrows, Esq., Damien F. Renella, Executive General Adjuster, ACE USA, Philadelphia, PA; Joseph C. Levins, Executive General Adjuster, VeriClaims, Inc., San Francisco,
CA; and Steven Rosenthal, Partner, RGL - Forensic Accountants and Consultants, San Francisco, CA.

Workshop # 2 - “ Property and Boiler Claims under the 1995 & 2001 ISO Forms”.

ISO significantly changed their boiler form in 2001. But many insurers continue to use part, or all, of the earlier ISO 1995 form. This interactive workshop will explore recent property/boiler decisions, and related engineering issues, concerning both the new 2001 and older 1995 ISO forms. This workshop will also cover the dividing line between property and boiler coverages.

Kenneth K. Jones, Senior Claims Specialist, Boiler & Machinery, Zurich North America, Schaumburg, IL will chair the workshop. Ken will be joined by Will Cassidy of Douglas G. Peterson & Associates, Greenfield, MA and Mark Bruckmann, Esq., of Bruckmann & Victory, LLP, New York City.

Workshop # 3 - “Issues confronting the Adjuster and Company Claims Manager in dealing with Fraudulent Theft, Claimed Tenant Vandalism and other Vandalism Claims”.

We have all seen the remodeling claim where the insured seems to be conveniently in need of an upgrade just as unknown individuals find his restaurant/bar/beauty salon to be a nice place to spend an evening trashing the place. How do we uncover the fraud in the personal lines theft claim? How do we separate the fraudulent claim from the legitimate ones and keep our company assets safe from a claim of bad faith without simply caving into the demands of the inevitable public adjuster?

This workshop will be chaired by Michael E. Brown, Esq., of Kightlinger & Gray, LLP, Indianapolis, IN, an attorney experienced in first party bad faith claims. He will be
joined by Kate Wilkinson, Property Claims Manager, Penn-America Insurance Company, Hatboro, PA and by Raymond F. Brown, CFE, CIFI, SCLA, CPP, Vice President of SIU Services, MJM Investigations, Inc., Raleigh, NC.

This highly experienced panel will provide insight into responding to these nail-biting issues and how the physical evidence developed in the investigation tells the true tale.

Workshop # 4 - “You Want To Deduct What?”

Tales from the working fields of deductibles, retentions, SIRs, and assorted give-backs as seen from the underwriting, claims, accounting, and legal practitioners in this windy, wet and stormy world.

Costantino Suriano, Esq., Mound, Cotton, Wollan & Greengrass, New York City will chair the panel. He will be joined by Charles Klehr, CPCU, Vice President, Global Energy Claims, Liberty International Underwriters, New York City; and Louis Magnan, CPA, Partner of Magnan, Griazzaro & Associates, LLC, New
York City.

6:00 PM - Reception - At the Marriott. (Provided by LEA).

7:00 PM - Gala Dinner - At the Marriott. (Provided by LEA).

Friday, June 9

7:30 AM - 8:15 AM - Coffee, tea & water available in foyer - (provided by LEA).

8:30 AM - 11:30- AM - Repeat of the four workshops. (Select one). (Coffee, tea and water will be provided by LEA around 10 AM in the Foyer area).

11:30 AM - an LEA officer will provide conference concluding comments at the end of each workshop.

Future Meetings

Mark your calendars for the Winter Meeting Jan 31-Feb2, 2007 in Tampa, FL, at the Waterside Marriott. Early arrival will be Jan 30, 2007. Rumor has it that the summer meeting in 2007 will be held somewhere in the Mid West. Stay tuned.

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