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Mar 30, 2023    
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Disaster Clean-up & Recovery

Disaster Clean-up & Recovery Highlights
Critical Incident Response
We are Critical Incident Response, a professional crime and trauma scene cleanup company. We handle all types of trauma scenes including, but not limited to, homicides-suicides-assaults-industrial accidents-unattended death-tear gas-etc.
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Clean-up & Restoration
 Antique Draperies,  Antique Rugs,  Bio-hazardous Materials,  Board-up,  Books,  Carpet,  Clothing,  Commercial Equipment,  Computers & Electronics,  Data,  Draperies,  Drying,  Environmental,  Fire,  Furniture,  General,  Hazardous Waste,  HVAC,  Industrial Cleanup,  Jewelry,  Modern Rugs,  Sewer Decontamination,  Smoke,  Smoke,  Stone & Tile,  Upholstry,  Vandalism,  Water,  Window Coverings, More...
Computing and Communication
 Data Recovery,  Repair,  Storage,  General,  Hard Disk Repair,  Internet Recovery,  Networks,  Peripherals Repair,  Protection,  Voice, More...
Consulting Services
 Actuaries,  Business Interruption Analysis,  Business Recovery Specialists,  CPA's,  Crisis Management,  Education,  General,  IT ,  Prevention and Planning,  PR,  Risk Management,  Security, More...
Emergency Equipment
 Radios,  Air,  Alarms,  Auto Dialing Systems,  Computers,  Dispatch,  Generators,  Detectors,  Miscellaneous,  Power,  Security,  Cameras, More...
Housing - Temporary
Mobile Services
 Miscellaneous,  Administrative,  Banks,  Buildings,  Classrooms,  Communications,  Computers,  Housing,  Storage,  Trailers, More...
Overspray Removal
 Antiques,  Computers,  Electronics,  HVAC,  Furniture, More...
Salvage Services
 Computers,  Electronics,  Office Equipment,  Office Furnishings,  Residential Furnishings, More...
Security Guard Services
 Armed Guards,  Guards,  Lockdown,  Cameras, More...
 Business Interruption Analysis,  Cost Control,  Dispatch,  Human Resources,  Inventory Control,  Network Recovery & Protection,  Planning,  Power Management,  Property Tracking,  Risk Analysis, More...
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