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Royal Aircraft - Recovery and Repair Services

Royal Aircraft Services
      Aircraft Retrieval and Major Damage Repair

18335 Airpark Road
Hagerstown,   MD   21742

Phone:  301-791-3642
Fax:  301-791-7368
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Royal Aircraft Services responds to requests to retrieve and repair damaged aircraft anywhere in the Continental United States.

We are very different than most other facilities that do aircraft repairs; we are not an FBO that handles repair-work as an additional side-line. Our primary service-objective is to provide fast, efficient and cost-effective retrieval, repair and re-painting to correct damage to general aviation aircraft.

Our facilities are designed as a one-stop shop, where we can handle all major reconstruction activities, sheet-metal work, engine inspections and rebuilding, repairs or replacement of damaged interiors and avionics as well as painting of all repaired areas, or the entire aircraft, if needed. Our paint facility is "environment-friendly", and can accomodate aircraft up to the size of a King Air 350 or Falcon 10.


7:30 - 5:30 EST M-F

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