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HOMETECH Incorporated - Transcription Services

Hometech Incorporated - Transcription Services
      The insurance industry's leading transcription services and digital recording solutions provider.

4039 21st Avenue W
Suite 300
Seattle,   WA   98199

Phone:  800-377-5147
Fax:  800-891-4708
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HOMETECH Advantages

HomeTech currently provides transcription support services to over 600 branch offices of 40 major property and casualty companies around the country.

  • All services are available 24/7.
  • Focused exclusively on the insurance industry.
  • Guaranteed accuracy and turnaround times.
  • Custom tracking through the work process.
  • Invoicing and reports designed to customer needs.

    Service Benefits

  • Guaranteed turnaround times: Standard four business day or rush next day service.
  • Detailed billing by claim number.
  • File retrieval for up to three years from date of transcription.
  • Spanish translation service.
  • Superior quality transcriptions by word processing specialists.

    Recorded Statement Transcription (RST)

    The industry’s premier service for transcribing recorded statements from analog tapes and digital files! Setting up an account with HomeTech is easy. Call us at 1-800-377-5147. Instructions and start-up materials will be on your desk the next day.

    Recorded Statement Transcription – Analog tapes
    HomeTech provides our clients with pre-addressed UPS overnight packaging for sending tapes. We handle all tape sizes – standard, micro, mini, and Infomotion.

    When sending tapes, clients fill out and submit a fax worklog.

    Tapes are transcribed by our word processing specialists, proofed, and returned to the client either via email, online fax, hard copy, or our secure FTP site.

    Recorded Statement Transcription – Digital files
    A pioneer in digital recording solutions for the insurance industry, HomeTech transcribes digitally recorded interviews in a wide variety of formats (wav, mp3, wma, aud, etc.).

    Clients can either send digital files to HomeTech as an email attachment or through our secure FTP site. Completed documents are returned via email or FTP site.

    Voice-to-Print (V2P) - Dial-In Dictation

    Typical Documents Transcribed:

  • Policy Language
  • Board Meeting Notes
  • Depositions
  • Contents Valuation Reports (spreadsheets)
  • Client/Agent Testimonials
  • Caption Reports
  • BI Claims Reports
  • Denial Letters Coverage Letters
  • Case Assignment Letters to Attorneys
  • Hearing Reports
  • Recorded Statement Summaries
  • Surveillance Reports
  • Property Evaluations
  • Case Summaries Large Loss Summaries/Reports
  • Life Claims Administration Memos
  • First Reports to the File
  • Construction Defects Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Risk Management Reports
  • Release and Assignment Forms

    Telephone Interview Recorder Software

    Record interviews
    The Telephone Interview Recorder lets you record telephone and in-person interviews directly to your computer.

    Record audio notes and dictation
    Using a simple microphone attachment, the software makes it convenient to record dictation and email it for transcription. It’s also easy to record audio notes to send to colleagues via email instead of spending valuable time typing out notes.

    Easy to use
    The intuitive user interface means an adjuster is trained and ready to use the software in 20 minutes or less.

    Compressed file format
    Much smaller than a conventional WAV or MP3 file, HomeTech WMA files are less than 60 KB per minute of recording and play back over any computer with a Microsoft Operating System, Windows 2000 or above.

    Small file size means easy storage on your computer network, floppy disk or CD.

    Pricing options
    Reasonably priced, HomeTech has pricing options to best fit your company.

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