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Renaissance Alliance Partners with InsureLinx to Launch EZPayIns™
Renaissance Alliance Partners with InsureLinx to Launch EZPayIns™, an Agent-Centric Workers Compensation Insurance Pay-As-You-Go Platform

Program will link multiple insurance companies and be payroll vendor neutral for maximum choice

WELLESLEY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bruce Cochrane President and CEO of Renaissance Alliance, New England's premier network of independent insurance agents, has announced a partnership with InsureLinx of Sarasota, FL, the nation's leading workers' compensation pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) technology vendor, to launch EZPayIns™, the first agent centric workers' compensation PAYGO product serving independent agents, insurers, and the commercial business community. The program is currently in beta testing and will be launched in January 2012.

EZPayIns™ will be fundamentally different from any existing workers' compensation PAYGO program in that it will provide independent insurance agents and their commercial customers access to multiple insurer PAYGO options combined with freedom to continue processing their payrolls as normal without requiring any change in their current agent or payroll service provider relationships. Cochrane says, "Our member agents are at the core of the EZPayIns™ platform in providing their clients trusted localized service and business solutions choices. Alternative PAYGO products offer one or limited market options from individual insurers and/or payroll service providers. This old paradigm significantly limits the customers’ ability to obtain the best possible solution for their workers compensation needs."

Jeff Harris, President and founder of InsureLinx, says: "I am an independent insurance agent myself. I strongly believe in the risk management expertise and value the independent agency system delivers to employers when it comes to workers' compensation. We are very enthusiastic about our Renaissance Alliance partnership to deploy our combined technologies in providing EZPayIns™ to the Alliance network of 95 independent insurance agencies."

For agents, just a few of the many advantages of EZPayIns™ include ease of administration through integrated automation, a value-added service that bolsters client retention, and the elimination of agent/client friction often arising from surprise year-end audits resulting in large additional lump sum premiums. For employers, EZPayIns™ matches cash flow with revenue, eliminates or significantly minimizes workers’ compensation down payments and large audit premiums, and affords administrative efficiencies with continued service from an existing trusted agent and payroll service provider.

EZPayIns™ is an exclusive offering only to Renaissance Alliance members and partners.

Renaissance Alliance is a coalition of independent agencies, insurers, and service providers who work together to deliver "Best in Business" insurance services and products to personal and commercial insureds throughout New England. The Alliance is currently comprised of 92 partner agencies in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, and 35+ national and regional insurers. Renaissance Alliance is one of a family of companies in the Renaissance Group.

InsureLinx - Since its inception in 2003, InsureLinx has successfully developed and maintained the most innovative pay-as-you-go workers' compensation platform in the industry. Originally designed as a multi-carrier quoting tool, InsureLinx is now the central portal used by Agents, MGAs, Carriers and Payroll Providers to enable thousands of Policyholders the many advantages of pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation.

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